Happy Mother’s Day

LiamI know I am not the easiest kid growing up, but you never give up on me. I love you. Thank you Mom, you’re the Best!

About me. My name is Liam. I am almost two years old. My mom is Natasha, dad is Chris. I live in Canada. I will be a Doctor or Scientist but I do not know for sure yet. I like watching The Weather Channel and “Sid The Science Kid.” I enjoy dancing and people say that I am a good dancer. Also I like dogs.

I cannot speak clearly yet. However, I understand almost everything. My mom speaks mostly Russian, dad speaks English. I try to invent a new language. For example, I use a word “so” that means “sock” or “nosok” in Russian.

I can say that kid’s life of my age is not easy. You know, I need to learn many things and follow some rules although I do not complain because I understand this is life. I will have my younger brother soon that means more responsibilities for me. Firstly, I will need to provide him with some new-born orientation. Secondly, I am going to help mom to care of him. 

I like all types of electronics. I like pressing buttons, all of them. I can operate computer keyboard and mouse. I am not allowed to use computers but I found that Windows system is not reliable (oh, I would be a hacker). I did not have enough time to figure out how to use the Internet. Also I cannot write or type yet so that I asked grandpa to post this story. See you. Bye 

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!