Happy Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father DayDad, you love me even when I am not doing right things. I feel safe when you are with me. I like when we do things together. You are a hero, guide and friend. Dad, I love you and want to grow up to be like you. Thanks for being a great Dad to me!

Hello. The biggest news is that our family is growing. Now I have my younger brother. His name is Logan. He is very small. He sleeps and eats very often. He cannot play with me yet so I might need to wait until he becomes older. I help to take care of him every day. I bring diapers, throw used ones in garbage, and help Mom to clean Logan. Also I drive stroller with Logan in it when Mom and I are going for a walk.

Fixing doorRecently Dad and I fixed the cabinet door in our kitchen. What a difficult job! You can see me on the photo with a screwdriver. What else? I made many new friends at a playground where I go with Mom almost every day and sometimes with Dad.

By the way, I invented two more new words. The first is word for cheese, “sys”. Mom says “syr” in Russian, Dad says “cheese”, I thought “sys” would be a good one. Also now I call my Dad “gaga” that is mix of “papa” and “dada”

Since I still could not get how to post my stories on the Internet, I asked again Grandpa to do it for me. Bye.

 — Liam